We search data upto the internet corners for you. These are the data searches we have done for our clients until now.

  • SERP
  • Website contact Details
  • Employess contact details
  • Linkedin Search
  • Social media data Search

Need to transcribe pdf or image to word or excel with proofreading?

want to google something and extract the google results ?

require to find contact details of a CEO or a Manager?


                  We offer a wide range of data conversion services. These include

  • data conversion from databases,
  • data conversion in specified MS Office formats,
  • conversion of PDF format to MS Word format and vice versa,
  • data conversion to and from word processors,
  • conversion of raw data into MS Office formats,
  • data conversion to and from spreadsheets,
  • data conversion to and from packaged applications,
  • data to and from custom software packages,
  • compilation of data in PDF documents from various  sources,
  • data conversion from PageMaker to PDF, from MS Word to HTML, from text to Word Perfect and from articles, magazines, books                   and other publications to different formats.                 


                Please let us know how you' would like the output data to be? We provide internet search services.      

We make it easy.


                  We provide timely and accurate Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies.

      Our experience captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.

  • Handwritten / Excel / Alphanumeric
  • Clerical / Excel / QuickBooks / Tax / Accounting
  • Bank / OCR / Invoice / Insurance Claims / Survey Forms
  • Clinical and Medical Billing
  • Scanned Documents / Images / PDF to Excel
  • Product Data Entry for eCommerce Stores